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About Y.A.P

We are not just a centre; we're a movement! Y.A.P is dedicated to building sustainable capacity for Africa's development through youth upskilling, entrepreneurship, and community service.

Focus Areas

Y.A.P prioritises personal and professional development, essential skills enhancement, career exploration, and practical experience through internships. We align with UN SDGs 4, 8, and 10, ensuring a positive impact on youth and communities.

Progressive Learning Journey

Our programmes provide undergraduate and postgrauate students with a seamless learning journey, respecting academic calendars. Each year builds upon the last, offering a comprehensive transformational experience.

Y.A.P Programme Levels

Y.A.P Alpha

Embark on your learning journey with Y.A.P ALPHA, a beginner’s class designed to kindle the flames of personal and professional growth. Through self-assessment and skill-building activities, set the stage for academic and career success. Illuminate your path with clear goals and a robust foundation for the exciting journey ahead.

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Y.A.P Bino

Transition from exploration to planning with Y.A.P BINO, where career fields become landscapes to traverse. Delve into trends, research educational requirements, and unveil potential career paths. Develop leadership and entrepreneurship skills, crafting a roadmap for your professional development. By the end of this level, your clarity and initiative will shine, guiding your way forward.

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Y.A.P Explorer

Navigate the real-world terrain with Y.A.P EXPLORER, the level where theoretical knowledge meets practical experience. Engage in internships, entrepreneurship pitching competitions. Apply your skills in industry settings, and hone advanced professional abilities. Build a foundation of industry experience and enhanced skills, propelling you confidently toward your future career.

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Y.A.P Expert

Master the art of transition with Y.A.P EXPERT, a level dedicated to refining your professional edge. Develop job search strategies, enhance personal branding, and tackle real-world challenges with a capstone project. Exit this level ready to pursue your chosen route—be it employment, entrepreneurship, or further studies.

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Y.A.P Pro

Elevate your career journey with Y.A.P PRO, a level tailored for graduates and young professionals. Experience a comprehensive approach to personal and professional development, guided networking, and strategic career transitions. Propel your growth, competence, and success in the dynamic job market.

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Y.A.P Accelerated

Accelerate your success with Y.A.P ACCELERATED, a fast-track version designed for those on the express lane to career advancement. Navigate a comprehensive blend of personal development, strategic networking, and continuous learning. Receive focused guidance for seamless career transitions, ensuring success in the ever-evolving job market. Fast-track your journey, fueled by ambition and expertise.

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Global Opportunities

Join us on a mission to empower young adults with practical, resilient skills and global opportunities. We aim for a mindset shift, preparing you not just for a career but for life.

Our Vision

Guide African youths to be globally employable, competitive, and impactful – thriving in their careers, academics, and communities.

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